Natural Performance Boost

Polyphine SPORT

Polyphine SPORT is a natural grape- and apple extract that contains polyphenols with an antioxidant effect1, giving a natural boost to your training.4

Why should I take Polyphine SPORT?

Polyphine SPORT increases your performance

Better Performance

Helps to improve performance4

Polyphine SPORT enhances blood circulation

Better Blood circulation

Enhances blood circulation3, and improves the transport of oxygen and nutritional substances to the muscles,

Polyphine SPORT Increases endurance

Increases Endurance

Increases endurance4

Polyphine SPORT Slows down lactic acid formation in the muscles

Less Muscle Ache

Slows down lactic acid formation in the muscles2,4

1 Vitamin C
2 Magnesium
3 Grape extract (vitis vinifera)
4 Ginseng

What our professional athletes have to say


“During the long days of the “Duchene Heroes” we took every day at the start 2 capsules. And after 4 hours cycling another 2.

After an intense training season and having comleted the  Duchenne Heroes I can confidently state that with Polyphine SPORT you feel that you do not get tired. I have not had any cramps after cycling since I use Polyphine.

Personally I am very satisfied and I recommend every avid cyclist Polyphine SPORT .”

Henk, 47 years

Racing bike and MTB

“Since August 2015 I use Polyphine on recommendation of my trainer.
I find myself running easier, being less tired and having much less muscle pain afterwards. Even my runs abroad at 2000 altitude meters where previously I would experience serious muscle aches.

About half an hour before my ultra run, I take 2 capsules. Then again after 3 hours depending on the duration of the run. I am very excited about this sports supplement. ”

Els Annegarm

World Champion Ultrarunner


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