We are dedicated to supporting people in enhancing their metabolic health.
With Vital20, we have everything you need to support your health journey. From meters and tests that provide insights into your internal health to healthy foods, lifestyle guidance and export coaching, we make it all easy.

Vital20 offerings cover all aspects of metabolic health. We are committed to simplify the path to a healthier you.

Our Story

Long ago, when the world was still young, the four elements ruled the planet. Each element had its own unique power and energy. At Vital20, we honor these four elements, believing they help us live in perfect harmony and balance. Each element is represented by a color from our brand's identity, reflecting our core values and mission.


The colors of fire are yellow and orange, symbolizing passion, creativity, and energy. This represents our passion for health and fitness. We aim to help you become the fittest version of yourself, focusing on athletic performance, appetite control, stable weight or weight loss, improved fitness, and overall health.


The color of air is grey, representing dynamism, change, and flexibility. It symbolizes the change in mindset, attitude, behavior, and diet at the beginning and during the maintenance of a ketogenic lifestyle.


The color of the earth is green, representing stability, growth, and natural balance. It symbolizes the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We strive to help you balance your body, such as controlling blood sugar levels and achieving a calmer stomach.


The color of water is blue, representing clarity, calmness, and freedom. It symbolizes transparency and communication. We aim to help you live in harmony with your mind by maintaining stable energy levels, improving focus, and managing stress.

By incorporating these colors into our brand and marketing, we aspire to inspire our customers to make healthy choices in their daily lives and become the fittest version of themselves.